cliquez / haz clic / click  
There is always movement and resonance emanating from the works of Nell and Domingo. This is perhaps due to the dazzling colours and the curious, repeating archaic motifs, bounded in black; their arrangement appears to take shape in front of our eyes, or behind our back; all the more to surprise and seduce like a first love.

This colour language, this writing in colour like a fabric weave, vibrates and has us vibrate with it. One wouldn't be far from the spider's web if it weren't for the celebration of creativity, which one feels from these works executed with rigour and dedication.

This double paradox is the source of the magic of this art, which is at once spontaneous and yet exactingly conceived. We are left as consenting victims, bewitched and at the same time enriched by a new experience of freedom.

Original text in French by Aleyne Garcia de Herrerros.